Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1

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Fire Extinguisher signs1We have over 1,400 fully-conformant safety signs available covering the complete range of health and safety requirements including fire-fighting equipment, fire action, fire prevention and emergency escape signs.

Other important signs include those expressing prohibition, warnings, and mandatory and first aid information.

How does the law affect you?


Signs are available in the following sizes:

Size Code Size (mm) Size Code Size (mm)
A 100x75 L 450x150
B 80x80 M 600x200
C 100x75 N 400X400
D 80x80 P 600X400
E 100x75 Q 600X450
F 80x80 R 178X203
G 100x75 S 200X75
H 80x80 T 210X210
J 100x75 U 100X100
K 80x80 V 300X150

..and in the following materials:

Code Material Code Material
1 Rigid Plastic 4 Photoluminescent Self Adhesive
2 Self Adhesive Vinyl 5 Miscellaneous Products
3 Photoluminescent Plastic 6 Aluminium