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   Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1  Fire Extinguisher signs1

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Fire Extinguisher signs1We have over 1,400 fully-conformant safety signs available covering the complete range of health and safety requirements including fire-fighting equipment, fire action, fire prevention and emergency escape signs.

Other important signs include those expressing prohibition, warnings, and mandatory and first aid information.

How does the law affect you?

  • All new health and safety signs must now show an appropriate symbol and if necessary supporting text.
  • All hazards must be highlighted with a safety sign if they cannot be controlled by other means.
  • The location of all escape routes and fire-fighting equipment must be clearly identified.
  • Employers must provide employees with training in the understanding of safety signs.


Signs are available in the following sizes:

Size Code Size (mm) Size Code Size (mm)
A 100x75 L 450x150
B 80x80 M 600x200
C 100x75 N 400X400
D 80x80 P 600X400
E 100x75 Q 600X450
F 80x80 R 178X203
G 100x75 S 200X75
H 80x80 T 210X210
J 100x75 U 100X100
K 80x80 V 300X150

..and in the following materials:

Code Material Code Material
1 Rigid Plastic 4 Photoluminescent Self Adhesive
2 Self Adhesive Vinyl 5 Miscellaneous Products
3 Photoluminescent Plastic 6 Aluminium

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