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New Range

Manufactured out of the UK's largest and most advanced extinguisher manufacturing plant, the FirePower range provides the independent fire trade with a genuine value solution to meeting and exceeding the minimum fire safety requirements of their customers.

As a dedicated range of stored pressure extinguishers, FirePower is an industry recognised and respected brand that builds on the strength of the preceding Pyrene and Allied trade ranges.

Supplied factory filled, all extinguishers have a working pressure of 15 bar to give greater application reach and improved initial fire knockdown. With UV resistant paint and dual colour screen printing as standard, the FirePower range is both durable and striking in appearance.

FirePower Foam extinguishers - C/O
Cartridge Operated

These extinguishers have all the same efficient fire-fighting properties for flammable liquids as the stored pressure models bus as cartridge operated units. These are ideal for marine use.

FirePower Water Extinguishers
Stored Pressure / Cartridge Operated

Fire Extinguishers Sales, Service and RefillingThe Water extinguisher is still one of the most useful and cost-effective ways to put out free-burning materials such as paper, wood and fabrics.



FirePower Foam Extinguishers - S/P
Stored Pressure

Spray foam extinguishers provide a fast, powerful means of tackling flammable liquids. The foam forms a seal over the surface to prevent re-ignition. Ideal for multi-risk usage and safe to use in close proximity to electrical equipment.

*Excludes 2ltr model

FirePower Powder Extinguishers
Stored Pressure

Dry Powder is a highly versatile medium for tackling most types of fires. Extremely effective on electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases, which makes this ideal for vehicle fires.

*Excludes 1kg and 2kg models


FirePower CO2 Extinguishers
Stored Pressure

For electrical fires or flammable liquids CO2 is ideal. Harmless to electrical equipment and so is ideal for offices and workshops. Both these extinguishers have non-conductive, anti-static horns.